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Time Stripper Mako-chan

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Shinji Nakayama is a high school student who often cheats on his girlfriend Michiyo Sakagami. One day they have broken up because of it and now Shinji is being sad at home. Suddenly a strange girl falls on him out of nowhere. She tells Shinji that her name is Mako and she has come from the future to help him with his love problems. Shinji doesn’t understand what’s going on and a few time later another girl from the future comes to present time.
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Year 2017. Kira Akishino has graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was one of the best students of that university and now he is looking for a job. His frieng Georg offers him to work as a private tutor in Gloria family. Michelle Gloria, a very rich woman, has got five daughters and looks for a good tutor for them. All of the girls are very different, and Kira should make a choice, which girl he wants to teach.
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Eve. Burst Error

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Kojiroh is a private investigator, who has been hired to find some misterious piece of art. Marina is a national Intelligence agent, who has to protect the daughter of Japanese embassador, while she is being abroad. It seems that that two persons have got absolutely different orders, but at the end a big surprise is waiting them both.
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Three sisters’ story

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  • Game » Three sisters’ story
  • Original name » 三姉妹
  • Started » 2011-12-18
  • Published (3) » 2011-12-30
  • Published (4) » 2012-03-14
  • Languages:
  • English » 2011-12-30 (1999, JAST USA)
  • Russian » 2011-12-30 (2009, The Asenheim Project)
  • Japanese » 2011-12-30 (1996, JAST)

Immoral Study 3. Manami Asakura

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Next student of Hitosuji Kyoushi is Manami Asakura, a very childish and shy girl. She is a daughter of a very famous fashion designer Sayoko Asakura. Sayoko wants to give her business to Manami in the future, so Hitosuji has to make this girl a real business-lady. It may be difficult, because Manami is so scared, that she can’t even talk with her tutor.
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Maid’s Story

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Tatsuaki starts his new job as a manager in a big mansion. His job is teaching three young maids cooking, cleaning, washing e.t.c. Also he has to train them to serve their guests, especially in a sexual way. Every night, after their end their job, he comes to one of them and teach them how to give pleasure to a man.
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Immoral Study 2. Yuka Iijima

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Hitosuji Kyoushi starts to teach his next student. Her name is Yuka Iijima. A daugher of the owner of the factory, she is familiar with all kinds of technic devices, but knows nothing about romance. She is in love with a boy working at her father’s factory, but doesn’t know how to tell him about it. Hitosuji decides to use that to seduce her and have fun.
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Immoral Study. Reiko Shirakawa

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Hitosuji Kyoushi is a very expensive private tutor. Best of all he likes to teach pretty young girls. He seduces them during his lessons and their parents don’t find that out at all. One day he goes to the home of Reiko Shirakawa. This shy girl is very silly and absolutely doesn’t understand math. So Hitosuji will show her how solve an equation of love.
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Amy’s Fantasies

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A young girl Emi lives with her stepbrother Tomomi, who she fall in love in. One day an unknown woman comes to their house. She says that she is a tax collector and she takes the house because of their father’s debts. Tomomi says Emi that he will try to wind a way to pay debts off and leaves the house. Emi can’t imagine her life without her beloved stepbrother, so she comes to a dangerous journey to find him.
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May Club

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In 2023 Hajime Kudo is enjoying downtime after his graduation from university. One day he gets an advertisment to a «May Club» a virtual dating service. In that club, after buying a ticket, you may sit in a chair of a VR machine and go to a virtual downtown. There you can find a lot of girls who are also using this service. Hajime can talk with them and go for a date and who knows, maybe, he will find his true love there.

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