Immoral Study 3. Manami Asakura

Next student of Hitosuji Kyoushi is Manami Asakura, a very childish and shy girl. She is a daughter of a very famous fashion designer Sayoko Asakura. Sayoko wants to give her business to Manami in the future, so Hitosuji has to make this girl a real business-lady. It may be difficult, because Manami is so scared, that she can’t even talk with her tutor.

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8 Responses to Immoral Study 3. Manami Asakura

  1. deva says:
    hi, is there anyway to download the english game and play it offline? game doesn't seem to be working properly for me online.
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  3. MacEroge says:
    Dear Sir/Madam: Hi! we are a group or Mac OSX eroge enthusiasts, that likes playing eroge via Wine/DOSBox on OSX. We already have the game, just wondering, if there's a downloadable English patch available for "Immoral Study 3." Thank you! B. regards., MacEroge
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    • admin says:
      Sorry, there's no patch either. If you're however willing to make one and know exactly how to do that, we could send you the text (which hasn't been thorouhgly proofread anyway)
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      • Baul says:
        Hi, many years ago I helped to translate Immoral Study 2 to spanish. If you send me the english script I could translate this game to english. Thanks
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  5. deva says:
    that would be awesome if you guys do so. will be looking forward to it. anyway, thanks admin. will follow this thread till an english patch is available.
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  7. dancome says:
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