May Club

In 2023 Hajime Kudo is enjoying downtime after his graduation from university. One day he gets an advertisment to a “May Club” a virtual dating service. In that club, after buying a ticket, you may sit in a chair of a VR machine and go to a virtual downtown. There you can find a lot of girls who are also using this service. Hajime can talk with them and go for a date and who knows, maybe, he find his true love there.

VNDB link
Play the old version
Play the renewal

4 responses to “May Club”

  1. Adam

    just played through the renewal and my game ended on 3/1 instead of 4/1. what happened to the other month?

  2. -spaceMan-

    Was sad to find out that newer computers can’t run this via the JAST 10th anniversary collection. If i could find a work around i would play it without internet (tried a virtual box that failed).

  3. Hime

    Help on Kazumi route? Was playing DX version and following older May Club walkthrough but cannot go futher after accepting Choose – Cooperate with her on 3/3. Skipping to 3/9 give dialog as follow:
    I wander about the alley.
    [ Hajime ](Kazumi said it will take about a week… can’t I see her until then?)
    I wander around the area…. then…
    [ Kazumi ]”Hi! I’m not ready yet.”
    [ Hajime ](Still in the wall? What is she doing there?)
    [ Hajime ]”How come you are always in the alley?”
    [ Kazumi ]”This is a perfect short cut. Besides, no one can tell the system superintendent about me.”
    [ Hajime ]”I see.”
    [ Kazumi ]”Anyway… can you wait for me a little bit more? I have a surprise for you.”
    Surprise? I’m not sure I want it.
    [ Hajime ]”All right… anyway, good luck!”
    [ Kazumi ]”See ya!”
    I go back to the main street.

  4. Marcin

    hey admin,
    Could you please share this game with me? I’m looking for the downloadable version of may club in old version. I would kindly appreciate any help!

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4 Responses to May Club

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