Tenshitachi no Gogo ~Tenkousei~

Hayato is a lustful high school student. One day he went on a train, trying to pick up a girl. Suddenly he saw a girl who was attacked by a rough guy. Hayato saved the girl from that guy, but forgot to ask her name. When he came to school, he got surprised by the fact that the girl, he saved in the train, is now studying in his class. When he tries to speak with her, he realizes that she is worried by something the same way as his childhood friend Motoka. When Hayato tries to know what is the case of it, he find out that both of them are being frightened by someone.

Transfer Student” is not a remake of this game. It just uses the same pictures of backgrounds and characters, but has a completely different plot and gameplay.

VNDB link
Play the game (Japanese only)

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  1. asdf says:
    I played it several years ago and then I just spamming space key and watch pics since don't know japnese. Now I can understand some story using your auto english translation feature. Thank you very much for you guys hard work.
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