Nocturnal Illusion

A college student Shinichi Kashiwagi has gone to a trip during his vacations. Suddenly a storm starts and Shinichi lose his consciousness and almost die. When he wakes up he finds out that he is in a big mansion where live a lot of people, most of whom are young girls. Nobody of them can leave this mansion, but the Mistress says Shinichi that if he helps girls solve their problems, the gates of the mansion may open and let him go with one more person.

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3 Responses to Nocturnal Illusion

  1. max says:
    . thanks for information.
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  3. Tom says:
    Well, thank you for publishing the game! Any chance of enhanced English translation? It was mentioned that some Arisa's and Red Hood's scenes are untranslated, but the same goes with many endings. They're either partially (Mistress and Misao) or not translated at all (Yukina). Thanks in advance.
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  5. Tom says:
    Thanks for publishing the game! I quite enjoyed it, however, there were some cons. By this I mean that many endings are either partially (Mistress and Maya) or not translated at all (Yukina). Any chance of updating it (yeah, it was mentioned that some Arisa's and Red Hood's scenes were left untranslated)?
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