Albert Macdgul is a journalist. He is going to write a story about a research institute, called “Desire”, which is located on a remote island. On the island Albert meets a girl named Tina, who has lost her memory. Albert doesn’t know yet what kind of mysterious adventures that girl will involve him in. At the same time Makoto Izumi, Albert’s girlfriend, who works at “Desire” as technical manager, finds out that someone from the outside is going to interfere with their research.

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  1. Adam says:
    i have read your comments on and came to your site. you mentioned needing someone who spoke english as their native language and i thought i might be able to help. i have also read your introductions for a lot of games on this page and the translations of the descriptions are good but i could help make them better by fixing small grammar errors that i noticed in them. for example, there are a lot of helper words such as "the, of, a" and others that are missing from the translated text. if you would like my help on this i would be glad to help. if you dont need my help thats okay too. i just felt like i should offer my help out of a love for these games/VN.
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