When Ranmaru Hibikiya was a kid, he was bedridden with a mistertious illness. Now, when it sems that the disease has come off, Ranmaru’s uncle, Jojo Ishijima, invites him to his private school, which is a very mysterious place, standing alone, surrounded by mountains and woods. Jojo makes his nephew do some work for him. Ranmaru has to spy for a suspicious students and reports to his uncle about all strange things, that takes place in the school.

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  1. GreyFox says:
    This is a classic, one of my all time favorite H-Games. It was translated poorly, much like an English Dub of Bible Black, but at least you sort of get the story and endings. I played this so much after coming home from school in the late 90s and now I'm glad I can play it again. Thanks, guys
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