When Ranmaru Hibikiya was a kid, he was bedridden with a mistertious illness. Now, when it sems that the disease has come off, Ranmaru’s uncle, Jojo Ishijima, invites him to his private school, which is a very mysterious place, standing alone, surrounded by mountains and woods. Jojo makes his nephew do some work for him. Ranmaru has to spy for a suspicious students and reports to his uncle about all strange things, that takes place in the school.

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2 Responses to Divi-Dead

  1. GreyFox says:
    This is a classic, one of my all time favorite H-Games. It was translated poorly, much like an English Dub of Bible Black, but at least you sort of get the story and endings. I played this so much after coming home from school in the late 90s and now I'm glad I can play it again. Thanks, guys
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  3. Hugh Dick says:
    One of the better hentai games, a classic of the genre. Back in the day I used to pirate plenty of hentai games from various sites, on a dialup connection (no resume of download progress). The bigger games were split into smaller archive files (zip, rar or arj). I was obsessed with them. My first games were Season of the Sakura and Paradise Heights 1. I played most of the games listed on this site. Some of the later hentai games were memorable too, ranging from the sweet (Tokimeki Check in!) to the bizarre (Water Closet). It's good to know that the early hentai games can be played on a web browser, especially those JAST classics. We've come a long way when it comes to technology.
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