Eve. Burst Error

Kojiroh is a private investigator, who has been hired to find some mysterious piece of art. Marina is a national Intelligence agent, who has to protect the daughter of Japanese embassador, while she is being abroad. It seems that that two persons have got absolutely different orders, but at the end a big surprise is waiting them both.

VNDB link
Play the old version
Play the renewal

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8 Responses to Eve. Burst Error

  1. Dave says:
    I think there's a problem with the renewal version on Kojiroh - 12/6. When Natasha slaps Kojiroh awake the screen suddenly goes black and doesn't continue to the next scene.
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  3. Guydude says:
    Does this version include H scenes?
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  5. ASNRambo says:
    I've finished the RENEWAL version. For anyone wondering, there are H-scenes in RENEWAL. Can't speak for the original though. I'm gearing up to play through that version next.
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    • ASNRambo says:
      Finished the original version. There are no H-scenes in the original, and some of the voice cast is different. All in all, Both the original and RENEWAL are great games! I wish I could play Zero, TFA, and New Generation, but unfortunately I can't read Japanese. Maybe someone will translate them someday...
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  7. Secret Admirer says:
    I'm wondering if it's possible to put in a request to turn the borders of the original Eve Burst Error more like the PC-98 game instead of that eyesore that are the borders from the Windows version, as it quite shocks with the dithered 16 color PC-98 palette. As an alternative option only of course. http://www.mobygames.com/game/pc98/eve-burst-error/screenshots/gameShotId,129858/ Pic above is an example of the PC-98 borders. Either way, quite thankful for this release.
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  9. anti-pervert says:
    The original does have H-scenes if you set the graphics to PC-98 (instead of LQ or HQ).
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